There exist different videos wher I’m involved at different levels: films by Thierry De Mey, Manon de Boer,… , films of Rosas performances, Ictus experiences, pieces of mine played by various artists, TV interviews or other productions. I don’t have any copy of most of them or I don’t owe the rights to diffuse them. However, one can find here and there, some interesting, or simply funny, films on the Net. Here are the links to discover some of them.

Interview for Cyprès (french) © Cyprès
Liszt and Back to the pulse by Stephane Ginsburgh, London (2012) © Youtube
TM+ Ensemble (Laurent Cuniot cond.) plays “Sufi Letter: D(à l)” © Youtube
World premiere of Beth/Veth, performed by Stephane Ginsburgh, Ars Musica 2012 (10/03, Conservatoire de Bruxelles) © Youtube
Interview Beth/Veth by Ginsburgh (French) © CHP
Andrejs Osokins plays Back to the Sound during the piano competition © Youtube
Ligeti, Bewegung, with Jean-Luc Plouvier, in 1998 © Youtube
Alter-face by Aperghis at Fondation Cartier (Soirées Nomades, Paris) © Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain
“Ex Abrupto”, by Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, at 18’22” © Musiques Nouvelles
Ballet mécanique (George Antheil) with Ictus Ensemble (cond. G-E Octors) © Youtube
Mikrokosmos, with Rosas, 1987 © RosasVzw
Aitsi, for amplified piano, by Giacinto Scelsi (Sub Rosa) © Youtube
“Back to the sound” by Christopher Falzone © Youtube

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