[…] ‘Beth/Veth’ is a forty-eight minute piece for piano, metallic percussion and electronics.[…] This piece has a very modern classical feel to it, with a very light touch at the piano most of the times, and the percussion being somewhat oriental in approach. The pianist (Stephane Ginsburgh ) of duty here plays these. A piece that moves through various sections and which is a true beauty.

On DVD we find ‘Street Music’, for ‘plugged viola’ (played by Vincent Royer) […]. There is a slow 360-degree panorama shot of the environment and shots of the violinist himself. He plays a very vibrant, wild piece, reading from a score with instructions […]. The music is very loud and wild, but looking some of the bystanders’ reactions, it seems it wasn’t that loud on the street itself, but judging the applause, people enjoyed it; so did I, a lot actually.

FdW (Frans de Waard) – 24 novembre 2015

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