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28/04/2019 14:00: “Aurore”, world premiere More information

Ensemble Vibrations (dir.: Thomas Van Haeperen);
Aurore, for seven flutes, world premiere;
Release of the album Strange Meeting on the Homerecords label (with other works by Jean-Marie Rens and Arnould Massart);
Musée des Instruments de Musique, Brussels, Belgium

11/06/2019 20:15: “Luft auf Sehnsucht” at Flagey More information

Albane Carrère (mezzo-soprano), Alfama string quartet;
Lust auf Sehnsucht (mit Schubert Wandern), for mezzo-soprano and string quartet;7 lieder;
Release of the Album Still Schubert (with Der Tod und das Mädchen);
Flagey (studio 1), Brussels, Belgium


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