In YZ3Z2Z1S2, a Five-letter Sufi Word, Jean-Luc Fafchamps has arranged a number of musical movements that entail different solo combinations. […] The compositions range in length between 7 and 15 minutes – and all of them are splendidly intense and emotionally involving. The different scores have originated from a sort of desire-inspiration of a particular letter, with no preconceived organization or relationship to some unifying logic. Taking inspiration from Sufi wisdom, the keystone of the whole process resides in the mystic ecstasy recalled by the enchanting sounds, which unravel in untempered harmonies, polyphonies and eccentric moods. The album leans in multiple directions simultaneously, crossing a number of musical styles: some passages appear improvised, while others evoke the electroacoustic tradition, tangible in the excellent combo synthony, always responsive to the unpredictable suggestions evoked by each contribution. Each letter is considered as a unique word, but at the same time they are deeply connected to all the others: as matter of fact, the combination of letters to make words was an intentional compositional move. Uniting a purposive togetherness with the freedom for individuality to flourish is a classic element of Sufi wisdom, here presented in the most precious intersection of elements for a musician: the thrust in the truth of sounds and their intimate essence.

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Aurelio Cianciotta, October 24, 2013

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